Also known as Wave Solder Fixtures, Solder Pallets

Our Common Features

  • Material – high performance, high temperature composite sheet Durostone.
  • Ergonomics – All CNC machined – All edges chamfered – No sharp corners.
  • Fast ergonomic fixings, clamps and tophats.

When to use

  • Odd shaped PCBs
  • Edge components need to be clamped – Clamps
  • Many components need to be held down or orientated – Tophats
  • Multiple aperture – increases production rates.
  • Groundplanes and large NPTH have to be masked – Selective Carrier
  • Solder side components have to be protected – Conformal Selective Fixture
  • You have to because of the wave solder transport mechanism – Adjustable
  • You need to deal with many changeovers – Adjustable