Recent Research – PCB Tooling – Predicting Tool Properties

A group final year project in conjunction with our Teaching Company Scheme partner
Design Manufacture Engineering Management (DMEM) at The University of Strathclyde measured
thermal profiles of an experimental pallet in passage through a wave solder machine.

Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to predict thermal distortion and stresses within the carrier,
the group investigated effects of pallet thickness, edge constraint., and pallet temperature

This has led to :

  • Greater understanding of potential corrosion fatigue damage
  • Predictive rules to estimate pallet deflection
  • Better understanding of the effect of stiffeners and L and V fingers
  • Design rules to determine safe web thickness to prevent thermal buckling

Further research will investigate :

  • Deflection measurement through the wave
  • Effects of waveriders and stiffeners
  • Alternative materials
  • Fatigue Stress Analysis