Also known as Hold-downs

Our Common Features

  • Material – high performance, high temperature nylon and no glass composite.
  • Ergonomics – All CNC machined – All edges chamfered – No sharp corners.


  • Moulded 40,50,60 and 80mm Clamps (lift and rotate)
  • Moulded “gatepost” clamp (shown) (lift and rotate – complex end styles)
  • Drop down hinged clamp (flip down – can be used to check polarisation)
  • Tilting Head – used to hold down two components at the same time.

When to Use

  • When you have a few (less than10) components close to the edge (within 60mm).
  • To check polarity (always seams to be two row headers).
  • To use the worst possible, cheap and nasty, badly moulded component (because somebody in purchasing “saved” 3p on each component).

What we need to know

  • Which component you want to clamp
  • Its height and whether you measured to the top or the bottom of the pcb.