We use the term “Fixing” as anything which holds a pcb to a carrier.

Design Philosophy                             

It might seem silly to you to have a design philosophy for a bit of plastic holding a pcb in a carrier.
Then again you probably don’t have to operate them, for an eight or twelve-hour shift, every day,
for months on end. The people who use them need someone to have a design philosophy, so here it is.

Any fixing should:

  • Be easy and obvious to operate – all of our fixings can be used blind.
  • Have fixed stops – so that you know without looking that the fixing is on.
  • Work the same way all the time – Clockwise ON , Counter Clockwise OFF.
  • Be cool to touch – made from thermally insulating material.
  • Not gum up – important in these days of no clean flux.

Common Design features:

  • 45° angled handle As far as we know we are the only company in the world who puts their fixing handle at 45°. This helps the operator not to hit any upstanding components, and allows a flick rather than a twisting type of action (large companies will not allow any twisting action – for fear of development of Repetitive Strain Injuries.)
  • Rounded lift / sharp edge This allows the fixing to turn easily on but to grip the maximum area.
  • Common Metalwork -This allows us to make the greatest possible saving whilst still allowing cross retrofit (Pingu/Rockhopper) and higher quality.
  • High Temperature – All our fixings are manufactured from a very high temperature / stiffness glass loaded polymer.
    This guarantees that your factory wont be emptied by the production of toxic fumes from overheated fixings.