Design is at the heart of the service GlobalDatum provides.
To give you the lead times you require we have sped up the :

  • Interpretation and translation of board design data
  • Identification and extraction of board features
  • Generation of rule driven parts
  • Insertion of standard parts
  • Automatic generation of cnc data
  • Transmission of designs to you for approval
  • Ability for you to see our design and production schedule

GlobalDatum spends around 10% of our annual turnover developing and extending our range of mechanical design automation. We try to automate the trivial but important parts of the design so that our designers can concentrate on the technical detail.

By removing repetitive tasks such as locating 2000 “1206” parts on the underside of a motherboard, and by automating quality critical tasks such as identifying and marking the 100 or so depopulated components we create designs which are:

  • Faster
  • More Accurate
  • More Consistent                        
  • Better
  • Higher Quality
  • Right First Time

Design Experience                                                                         

We have completed over 10’s of thousands of individual designs and store every one of more than 40,000 drawings online.

We have normally seen it before but we still get excited when something radical is required.