GlobalDatum prides itself as being a master of constraint based design

This is where you only need to issue an instruction like:

“I need 10 wave solder carriers for Thursday for Leonid 5, line width is 400mm, I would like it 4 up, and oh the USB socket needs clamped”.

Using this instruction together with Gerber and other data, we then prepare an accurate quote, based on design time,material cost, machine time, assembly and delivery.

This is then emailed to you as a word document.

Upon order we then complete the rest of the design using a variety of mechanical design automation tools.

We then send a customer approval drawing by e-mail.

Upon confirmation we then “toolpath” (virtually machine) the design, issue paperwork, generate
CNC code and progress the order to the shopfloor.

The completed assembly is checked either with a PCB or more often with a dummy PCB or acetate.

The assembly is then made ready for dispatch.

All of this is tracked, monitored and controlled by our in house developed, cross integrated design and manufacturing system.